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What We Do

Underground utility installation is one of Giannetti's specialties. With crew capabilities ranging from open field pipe installation to complex urban reconstruction projects. With the ability to directional drill, in addition to televise and jet sewers, Giannetti provides a single solution for

underground utility installation and reconstruction.


Giannetti has completed just about every kind of job with our direction drilling equipment. By staying on top of the latest technological solutions, we have the equipment and experience necessary to install the pipe right where it needs to be. Landscaping, heavily wooded areas, paved surfaces and other obstacles can remain untouched without digging at the surface. The use of directional drilling results in reduced cost, time, and disruption the surrounding area.


Whether your project consists of a simple or detail excavating needs, Giannetti can perform all your detail excavating needs. With an experienced staff of operating engineers, Giannetti can stage a safe, multifaceted excavation, under the most grueling circumstances.

In addition to our operating engineers, we employee an equally qualified staff of skilled laborers needed to work alongside our equipment.


Regardless of the size or the complexity of a project, staging and coordination with other subcontractors is critical. Planning of any excavation begins during the bidding stage of the project, when the estimator reviews plans and begins to formulate a staging plan. This staging plan is reviewed with the general contractor, prior to the submittal of any proposal, in order to reduce any conflicts with other subcontractors.  It is through staging and coordination that Giannetti meets and often exceeds project schedules.



Specialized Utility

Installations Include The Following


  Water Main

  Pump & Lift Stations

  Emergency Municipal Main Repairs

  Waste Water Treatment Plants

  Specialized Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction

Speciality Areas

  Sanitary Sewer System

  Water Main & Distrbtion System

  Stormwater Collection System

  Roadways Reconstruction

  Pump Stations with Force Mains

  Hardscape Improvements

   (sidewalks, driveways, crosswalks, curbs)

  Landscape Improvements

  Irrigation System

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